Cosmopolitan Basic
Mesh-Back Office Chair 320

Fully equipped for ergonomic support

The Cosmopolitan Basic Mesh-Back office chair adjusts to your body from the moment you take a seat. This versatile chair is flexible enough for any type of office work you do. With customized ergonomic support for your back, the ratchet back feature allows you to adjust the height of the backrest, so lumbar support can be fitted properly for you. Proper posture, especially after long periods of sitting, relieves back pain while keeping you alert and more focused. 

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Cosmopolitan Basic

  • $1,495.00


Focused On Functionality, Versatility And Comfort

With our Cosmopolitan Mesh-Back ergonomic office chair, we’re focused on functionality, versatility and comfort. How the chair adjusts to you, the ergonomic support it gives and how it promotes your well-being are all important. It’s not all about doing. Easily adjustable, you can change the angle of the backrest when sitting for long periods of time. When you have the proper amount of back tilt, you can work smarter. You'll notice your concentration, energy, and productivity increase.

Ergonomic Back Support

The mesh backrest is lightweight and breathable. Combined with the ratchet back height adjustment, the integrated lumbar support provides ergonomic stability right where you need it. The Cosmopolitan Mesh-Back office chair offers unsurpassed comfort in style.

Not everyone sits the same way. Do you like to sit mostly upright or do you prefer more of an open angle to your sitting posture? The adjustable back angle allows the backrest to be reclined and locked. So you can sit back when you’re not focused on a task, which also encourages blood flow through the pelvis.

Contoured Seat With High-Density Foam

Uncompromised comfort is an essential element for all-day concentration. Following the shape of your body, our contoured seat was designed to reduce pressure on the sit bones and soft tissue around the thigh and buttock area.

Arm Adjustment

The Cosmopolitan Mesh-Back office chair comes with soft-touch arm pads and the arm brackets easily adjust in height and width.

It’s just what you’ve been waiting for.