Mid-Back Office Chair

An instant classic

Innovative design and the usual superior ergonomic support you’ve come to expect from LIFEFORM®, combined into a new modern, streamlined look: all at our most affordable price.

Our new weight-activated flex mechanism regulates the force needed to recline the chair based on body weight. So it automatically adjusts to every user. Every time. The height-adjustable backrest and lumbar support ensure you have the right support where you need it.

With an upholstered backrest, Schukra® lumbar adjustment and multi-function arm pads, the new Palisades Executive Mid-Back adjusts to your body the moment you take a seat. The chrome base also gives it a more contemporary look. The durable frame is coupled with an engineered composite seat to ensure a strong, balanced foundation.

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Palisades Mid-Back

  • $2,395.00


Recline In Comfort

It’s time to lean back. With our Palisades Executive Mid-Back ergonomic office chair, we’re focused on functionality, versatility and comfort. How the chair adjusts to you, the ergonomic support it gives and how it promotes your well-being are all important. It’s not all about doing. Sometimes you just need to relax and do some deep thinking. Fine-tune the tension and relax.

Ergonomic Back Support

Style can be this comfortable. The upholstered backrest gently conforms to your body's contours. Combined with the ratchet back height adjustment, the lumbar support provides ergonomic stability right where you need it. Customizable to fit virtually every height, the Palisades Mid-Back office chair offers unsurpassed comfort and style.

Not everyone sits the same way - the tilt lock feature allows the chair to be reclined and locked. So you can sit back when you’re not focused on a task, which also encourages blood flow through the pelvis.

Seat Adjusts For The Perfect Fit

Uncompromised comfort is an essential element for all-day concentration. The contoured seat is designed to redistribute the body’s weight over a large area. For taller users, the seat-slider allows you to adjust seat depth up to 2” forward. Optimum seated position should be a minimum space of two finger widths behind the knee, which encourages blood flow behind the knees. The forward tilt also gives you the freedom to change tasks easily while the seat moves with you.

Arm Adjustment

You don’t keep your arms in the same position all day. That’s why the Palisades Mid-Back ergonomic office chair armrest is ready to move with you. Easily adjust the height, width, angle and length of our arm pads to better support you and reduce tension in your wrists and shoulders.


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