Executive Footrest
Posture Support

Take a load off your feet.

A beautiful, functional and comfortable addition to your office suite. Made with temperature-sensitive LIFE-Foam Memory Foam our memory foam footrest reduces stress on tired feet. LIFEFORM® footrest sits on a non-slip bean bag bottom, designed to move with you as you adjust your feet while you’re working. Keeping your legs active promotes circulation, leaving your body energized. With a wood frame in a black or cherry finish, the LIFEFORM® footrest looks great in any workspace.

Executive Footrest

  • $255.00


Temperature-Sensitive LIFE-Foam Memory Foam

Keep your feet cool and stay focused throughout the day with our LIFE-Foam Memory Foam that provides support to improve your circulation by comfortably adjusting your legs and feet to every angle.

Non-Slip Bean Bag Bottom

The bean bag non-slip bottom of the footrest allows you to continually move your feet and adjust your legs.

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