Contour Stool 250

Keep your spine properly aligned and reduce fatigue

An ergonomic stool instead of a chair is probably your best option. The High-Density Foam Core seat of our Contour Stool, with our signature Front Waterfall Edge, has been designed to redistribute your body weight over a larger area. This reduces the strain on pressure points like your tailbone and the backs of your legs. The Contour Stool is height adjustable with a “free float” tilt lever that can lock in place when needed.

LIFEFORM® Contour stools can be customized to fit your style and decor. Choose the standard black base or upgrade to aluminum.

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Contour Stool

  • $595.00


Contoured Seat With High-Density Foam Core

Following the shape of your body, our contoured seat was designed to match your curves and promote sitting upright, even if you frequently transition from sitting to standing. The High-Density Foam Core reduces pressure on the sit bones and soft tissue areas while you’re sitting. The Contour Stool distributes weight more evenly so you can stay comfortable and more able to focus.

Adjustment Options

Make your stool fit uniquely to you. With a mechanism to adjust Tilt-Lock and Tilt Tension, you can keep your spine properly aligned and remain focused on your day’s activities. For taller people, a 5” Gas Lift adjustment gives you a bit more height so there is better blood flow through the back of your legs.


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